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I highly rate Lisa and her services and have made this a part of my monthly self care routine, mainly for lomi lomi but also for reflexology … Lisa is guided by you but brings such wisdom through her fingertips it really is an all over mind/body experience. I struggle to relax and let go but fully submit to the experience of the Hawaiian vibes in her cosy cabin – it’s a great escape from everyday life… Lisa takes time to understand how to deliver the experience and it really does feel personalised every time like she knows what you need before you do! I’ve had countless treatments and massages and this by far is the one that has stood out for me and really does help my stress, and tension even days after a session’ Jodie, 2023
Body Oriented Coaching, Tailored massage, Hawaiian and Deep Tissue massage and Reflexology with lisa at alohatherapies.co.uk

Aloha Therapies for Hawaiian Massage and Deep Tissue combo and Mindful Reflexology

Bodymind Coaching for Somatic, Body Oriented Guidance
For those financially struggling please contact me for a good concession rate.
With Aloha,
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