Reflexology for better health

Reflexology has been shown to create conditions for optimal health and emotional wellbeing and is a sound investment in you.

With 75% of disease estimated to be stress related’ (Tucker, 2015),  a series of reflexology treatments in my Stroud cabin will promote deep relaxation and support your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing time for rest and repair and recovery from stress and tension. Reflexology can boost your immune and digestive system.

I had several amazing reflexology sessions with Lisa in her beautiful garden studio. She made me feel incredibly relaxed and at ease even when looking at my gnarly old feet!

The sessions had a positive effect on me and helped ease my pmt symptoms. I’m hoping Lisa will be one of the therapists offering her services on my yoga retreat next year!



Reflexology is a natural, holistic, ‘alternative’ therapy which involves the practitioner applying pressure to specific points or ‘reflexes’ on the feet or hands with her thumbs, fingers and knuckles. The organs, systems and skeletal structure of the human body are believed to be mapped out on both feet and hands, therefore stimulating a reflex with therapeutic touch can bring about a response in another point or area of the body. The recipient may experience tenderness, a sharp pain or a bruised feeling when pressure is applied to a reflex point which could indicate an energy imbalance in the corresponding part of the body. Sometimes the practitioner can feel crystals ‘a granular texture under the skin’ or a congested area indicating an imbalance and worked with by applying pressure, holding the reflex point and massaging around the reflex point.

Reflexology activates definite physical and psychological responses, by inducing a state of significant relaxation, confirmed by EEG brain activity, which deepens as treatments continue. It can boost circulation of blood and energy, measured by heat in the body, thus encouraging a free flow of blood and lymph supply to the entire body, muscles, cells and organs, with oxygen and nutrients transported to the cells and metabolic wastes and toxins removed.

Stimulating the lymphatic system, with improved detoxification and elimination of toxins, can help in several different ways by boosting energy, strengthening the immune system and reducing infection risk, supporting anti-aging, and improving a sense of wellbeing. Many studies show reflexology increases blood flow and relaxes the overall body, including cardiovascular system, which help pump blood naturally. Reflexology can stimulate nerve supply and the flow of nerve energy in the body by releasing trapped nervous energy and improving neural efficiency, thus enhancing energy and vitality; ‘approximately 7000 nerves are stimulated’ (Tucker, 2015) which encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways. Pain pathways can be interrupted to reduce pain, providing relief from any form of pain, from a migraine to joint pain.

Reflexology induces the production of endorphins, leading to an increase in immune power and sense of well-being. A client may experience improvements in self-esteem, trust, self-awareness and emotional security to allow for a more balanced mind, body, and spirit. Whatever health issues experienced, reflexology, can promote self-healing and help the issue to be managed more effectively; creating an opportunity for the recipient to take greater responsibility for their own health and self-care.

Lisa is a warm, skilled and knowledgeable practitioner with loads of bodywork experience. I found my sessions with her both relaxing and energising and would definitely recommend her and look forward to my next visit!

You Will Receive

A 60 minute foot massage and reflexology treatment in my private studio.

£50 – first session including consultation (allow 90 minutes)
£40 – subsequent 1 hour treatments

Concession pricing is available on phone request. Gift cards available.

The therapy objectives of reflexology are: 

  • boost energy levels
  • reduce stresss
  • increase circulation
  • encourage deep relaxation
  • eliminate toxins
  • stimulate your nervous system
  • reduce headaches
  • speed up the healing process

I trained with the Cotswold Academy, Cirencester, Gloucestershire in June 2017 and I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).