Somatic Body Oriented Therapy and Massage Combined

£80- for 2 hour therapeutic session which involves somatic body oriented coaching and appropriate, safe touch

I offer a free 30 minute phone call to discuss whether this feels like an appropriate and helpful therapeutic treatment for you

Trust and be comfortable with your body, learn to listen to your body’s wisdom and to heighten self awareness of both your physical touch and emotional needs. 

I am combining all my experience, as a massage therapist and  somatic body oriented coach and training in counselling, brief therapies and mindfulness to offer this touch based, deep emotionally evolving work. 

Find your authentic voice and be guided by your body wisdom.

This work is informed by ‘The Wheel of Consent’ by Dr. Betty Martin and somatic coaching techniques including Focusing, Hakomi, mindfulness, movement and polyvagal awareness.

I am a certified body oriented coach. I trained with the Somatic School, London. 2022

F.B: Bodymind Coaching Stroud

Website: www.bodymindcoaching.co.uk

Treatment Objectives

Honour your truth and repair hurt and harm.
Learn to give and receive and have clarity around which is being experienced moment to moment.
Be witnessed and accompanied on your journey of self-discovery
Connect within, respect, accept and express yourself, be curious and celebrate you.
Learn what your fears and your needs are and articulate these clearly.
Strengthen the neural pathway to asking for what you need and enjoy.
Learn it is ok to ask, and, to ask again if it is not right, to define and to give detail.
Tap into your body’s wisdom and tune into your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’.
Hear your voice, and gain greater insight and self awareness.
Be resourced by joy and explore touch in a safe environment. 
We will draw up a  needs based contract between us at each session to ensure your needs and goals are met.
Touch is a basic human need that validates life and gives hope to both the receiver and the giver.
This does not involve tantric, erotic or sexual touch massage.
Wheel of Consent Diagram
Lisa is a warm, skilled and knowledgeable practitioner with loads of bodywork experience. I found my sessions with her both relaxing and energising and would definitely recommend her and look forward to my next visit!