Customer Testimonials

Lisa’s mindful reflexology has given me an insight into my overall health.

Lisa’s knowledge and expertise means that she is able to identify issues and suggest and discuss remedies alongside reflexology.

I am already seeing a marked improvement in many areas of my health, as well as my mental health.

Taking time out of my very hectic life to relax and receive reflexology treatment is some much needed me time.

Rosie Reynolds

Lisa is amazing.

She is nurturing, experienced and very skilled in reflexology.

I leave Lisa’s sessions feeling renewed and relaxed. Don’t hesitate to book in for a treatment in Lisa’s wonderful garden cabin.

Worth every single penny.

Thank you,

Alice Lowrie

I had several amazing reflexology sessions with Lisa in her beautiful garden studio.
She made me feel incredibly relaxed and at ease even when looking at my gnarly old feet!

The sessions had a positive effect on me and helped ease my pmt symptoms.

I’m hoping Lisa will be one of the therapists offering her services on my yoga retreat next year!

Emma Tilley Yoga

I was lucky enough to go to Lisa for reflexology last week.

While Lisa was massaging my feet I felt incredibly relaxed, nurtured, and also listened to, which was just what I needed.

Afterwards I felt uplifted, and had a new bounce in my step!

Martha Florio Lightfoot

‘Lisa creates a wonderfully relaxing and sensual experience from the start, you could easily be in Hawaii in her cosy, beach-holiday style treatment room, with heat lamps that feel like sunshine and various silky scarves that she uses to drape artfully over you as she works.

But best of all is the massage itself; she blends delicious long, sweeping strokes over the length of your body with stretches that feel releasing but not too extreme.

Her touch is sensitive and nurturing; I came away much as I do from days lying in the real sun on a real beach – if you want to be truly pampered and give your body a treat – book a session immediately with Lisa immediately!’

Nicky Ferry

Lisa and her lovely cabin offer an oasis of tranquility and restoration.

As a therapist her commitment and presence to your moment is total.

You feel your importance and her hands have an emotional and physical conversation with your body. She is gifted and mixes this with a loving intent. JACKPOT!

The icing on the cake is the change she subtly draws forth. Every time I have seen Lisa I am able to release into a lighter place. Thank you dearest Lisa Ford you are a life giver!

Skeena Rathor

Lisa has healing hands, and is a master of her art. I have tried many types of massage before but never anything quite as wonderfully immersive as this.

Working on the whole body, you are transported to another world; somewhere warm and nurturing.

Although physical – if you have toxins to nudge out, they will be nudged! – it is not overwhelmingly so, and went beyond the physical for me: a real ‘time out’ for the spirit. Stroudies, we are very lucky to have Lisa here! Highly recommend.

Kate Dent

Lisa is a very skilled and focussed lomi lomi practitioner. She made me feel safe, relaxed and completely at ease.

Lisa’s massage technique uses long, continuous, flowing strokes given in a fluid, rhythmic motion which feels incredible, creating a deep relaxation I’ve not experienced through other types of massage before. I left the massage table energised with a feeling of harmony, stillness and wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs some time out to be nurtured, cared for and to reconnect with their body and soul.

Tessa Taylor

My first experience of this type of massage…it was deeply relaxing and really nurturing.

Literally head to toe…long, slow strokes…bliss.

Thank you Lisa xx

Anna Miller

Lovely grounding sessions.

I can really let go and feel so much more in myself after a reflexology with Lisa.

A regular customer, I have seen my circulation improve, and no longer must I pile on the bedclothes!

Lisa is professional and easy to speak to. Highly recommended!


Lisa’s reflexology session was very sensitive and tailored to my personal needs. She intuitively pointed out key areas of my health I needed to investigate (e.g. liver function) and she provided a
wonderful treatment, which relaxed and energized me at the same time.

I came to the session feeling pretty stressed (adrenals overdrive…) and I left with a deep sense of rejuvenation. I am going to book a follow up treatment with Lisa soon. It will complement the current prescriptions from my naturopath.

Thanks Lisa!


I have experienced both Lisa’s massage and several reflexology treatments. I can honestly say that the reflexology has had a positive impact on my hormone cycle and general wellbeing, and
that the massage was deeply relaxing.

Loved the whole experience.

Thank you. Lisa! x


I was lucky enough to go to Lisa for reflexology last week. While Lisa was massaging my feet I felt incredibly relaxed, nurtured, and also listened to, which was just what I needed. Afterwards I felt uplifted, and had a new bounce in my step! 

Lisa gives a deep and relaxing reflexology treatment. I felt very comfortable and welcomed by her in lovely log cabin. Highly recommended 



I’ve just come out of a truly nurturing reflexology session with Lisa. I’ve learnt loads about me and my health, my feet feel fantastic and I’ve got a lovely rosy glow about me from being marvellously pampered by this friendly and professional woman. Already planning on re-booking my next one and making this a regular part of my month. Highly recommended!


As an IT director it can be stressful juggling a lot of different pressures. The lomilomi and reflexology treatments I had with Lisa were just what I needed, to reconnect with my body, get out of my head and feel totally nurtured. Book a session with Lisa highly recommended!