Lomilomi Massage



The meditative sweeping flow of Lomilomi is a beautiful balm, a pleasurable route out of your mind, into the present moment and your senses. Lomilomi massage through long flowing strokes will nourish, restore, revitalise and energise your body and mind.

The generosity and compassion implicit in Lomilomi will speak to your inner vitality, allowing for a more relaxed and balanced state and creating the possibility of deep healing.

Learning Lomilomi and offering this massage in Stroud was one of my best decisions and I feel passionate about its healing potential.

£80 2 hours  £65 1 hour and half  £45 1 hour 


Lisa creates a wonderfully relaxing experience from the start, you could easily be in Hawaii in her cosy, beach-holiday style treatment room, with heat lamps that feel like sunshine and silky sarongs that she uses to drape artfully over you as she works.  But best of all is the massage itself; she blends delicious long, sweeping strokes over the length of your body with stretches that feel releasing but not too extreme.

Her touch is sensitive and nurturing; I came away much as I do from days lying in the real sun on a real beach – if you want to be truly pampered and give your body a treat – book a session with Lisa immediately!’



As a Hawaiian Massage Therapist, I offer a blend of Lomilomi and Kahuna body work, pleasurable healing touch therapies, developed within Hawaiian culture over centuries as part of their spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Lomilomi incorporates a beautiful ancient dance inspired by the courtship ritual of the frigate bird. The philosophy of ‘aloha’ infused their bodywork, which allows for both giver and receiver to experience a deep connection from the heart and spirit.

Lomilomi is a full body massage which takes place under infra-red heaters to further encourage detoxification and relaxation, unless we are having a heat wave! I use my palms, fingers, forearms and elbows to deeply awaken and integrate the mind and body and release tension at a cellular level.

The massage works hypnotically by lulling and soothing the body to a place of real safety and calm. The body is reminded of its connection with all parts of itself as the massage returns again and again to all uncovered areas of the body.

A loincloth or sarong is always used to cover the most intimate area of the body, allowing for the side of the body to be free to be massaged as there are many meridian points that travel along it. The strokes are at times more strong and vigorous which serve to remind the body of the massage, encouraging an awareness of itself and then a deeper connection from the mind and body to the breath and the stillness within as the firm but more graceful strokes return.

Hawaiian music lulling and harmonious can be played throughout the massage.


Lisa has healing hands, and is a master of her art. I have tried many types of massage before but never anything quite as wonderfully immersive as this. Working on the whole body, you are transported to another world; somewhere warm and nurturing.

Although physical – if you have toxins to nudge out, they will be nudged! – it is not overwhelmingly so, and went beyond the physical for me: a real ‘time out’ for the spirit. Stroudies, we are very lucky to have Lisa here! Highly recommend.


You Will Receive

A 2 hour lomilomi, including a full body, oil massage with infra red heaters for £80. A 90 minute lomilomi costs £65 and a 1 hour tailored massage is £45.  Concession pricing available. Gift cards can be purchased.

The therapy objectives of Lomilomi are:

  • Many of the strokes stimulate the lymphatics, encouraging lymphatic drainage and thereby aiding the body’s detoxifying process
  • Support the immune system towards optimum function
  • Lightly stretching and soothing the myofascial
  • Connecting the mind and body to the breath and the stillness within
  • Enhance our acceptance of, and openness to life and its challenges
  • Improves all the circulatory and fluid systems of the body

I completed my training with Rosalie Samet, Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre, Hove in February 2016