I have started making my own body balm lately, so if you would like to give it a go here is a recipe from The Soapery…..Christmas present’s perhaps? or alternatively, a Lomilomi Massage or Reflexolgy Gift Card for a treatment from my Stroud based garden cabin…

The ingredients

The method

Your ingredients:
500g organic unrefined shea butter
500g organic, extra virgin coconut oil
350g sweet almond oil (not quite the full 500ml bottle)

A whisk
A bowl to melt the oils in

Step 1
Put your shea butter and coconut oil in your bowl

Step 2
If you’re using a metal bowl, put it over a saucepan of boiling water. Or, if you have a plastic bowl, you can use the microwave.

Step 3
Once your oils are melted together, add your sweet almond oil

Step 4
Allow to cool a little, and then put your bowl in your fridge or freezer

Step 5
Your mixture should start to look a little slushy once it is cold, now it is ready for whipping! Use an electric whisk and whip it up until it looks similar to whipped cream

Step 6 
Once it is whipped, put it back in the tubs it came in and apply daily!