Lomilomi massage and Reflexology from my Stroud garden cabin to support mindfulness in the body and breath.

How can we genuinely and with equanimity accept our non-perfection; that we will fail many times and will fall short of our own and others’ expectations? How can we accept that circumstances will arise in life that are totally out of our control and leave us feeling utterly devastated and totally unprepared …loss in all its forms is a big one but even falling in love can feel acutely scary for some…We build our defences and life comes at us from a different direction and leaves us vulnerable, raw and unprepared, giving rise to anxiety, low mood and other painful feelings which we may dearly love to escape from..

When we experience this shrunken, distorted and limited version of ‘Who am I?’ our perceptions are equally narrow, and we can make assumptions about others which are fear based. So how to recognise this process, ‘the crazy circus’ within each of us?

Buddhism and the Four Noble Truths

  1. The nature of being alive is stress – our body’s change, deteriorate, get ill, age and die
  2. We try to control and resist change through grasping, tightening, worrying, blaming and over thinking and it is this that creates suffering
  3. Pain and unpleasantness are unavoidable, but freedom is possible and suffering optional
  4. We can wake ourselves up by deepening our attention and noticing what is happening in the moment, ‘How are we feeling? Where are we feeling it? What is this like…?’ Can I be fully open to this feeling for one moment?’

Pause, quieten, be present with what may feel deeply unwanted …by opening our hearts, we may over time and with regular practice find the feelings more bearable