Soul Nourishment via your Soles:
Bringing your Body Back into Balance

Have you experienced significant stress?
Lomilomi Massage and reflexology are ideal for unblocking an re-balancing energy…
Why Reflexology?
Stress weakens immunity – Reflexology enhances it.
Stress negatively impacts on our emotional state – Reflexology calms, relaxes and grounds us
Stress reduces our life force/energy – Reflexology boosts this
Do you wake up feeling tired?
Are you frequently moody?
Do you over rely on caffeine and sugar?
Stress will exhaust the adrenal glands over time…
Lomilomi will encourage your body to feel safe again, allowing you to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system to relax, digest and heal
Reflexology and Lomilomi are carried out in garden cabin in Stroud, please visit my website for further information  www.alohatherapies.co.uk