Aloha Therapies offering Hawaiian Massage and Reflexology in Stroud. Read what follows for compelling proof that the wisest of humans across all cultures and throughout history have been instinctively drawn to massage, movement and meditation….

Body Work can help Trigger and Heal Emotional States for Better Emotional Expressivity and Health and Quantum Physics, no less, provides Evidence for this Healing Potential ……

‘The Awareness of the Fascial System’ (Bordoni and Simonelli):  I would need a translator to understand the mechanics of what is being said in this article, but they provide evidence for energy and body work by understanding how cells and tissues, our fascia, communicate. It is suggested that fascia acts as a second nervous system and supposes that it could possibly be the primary mode of communication with the nervous system coming in second place and the guts enteric system, third.

‘Your body is your subconscious mind…unexpressed emotions are literally lodged in the body…’ Dr. Candace Pert

19 years ago, on an Italian beach I read ‘Molecules of Emotion: The Science behind Mind-Body Medicine’ by Candace Pert, a surprisingly easy, beach read.  What she discovered through scientific experiment was that our cells contain the most acute point of trauma within, like a camera taking a photo.  Molecules, also known as peptides and hormones, present in our bodies play a central role in our emotional experiences. She showed that the processing of emotions takes place all throughout the body and that the areas named as chakras by ancient sages were centres where the concentration and activity of these ‘molecules of emotion’ were high.

No excuse needed for a infra red heated luxury Hawaiian massage then….