From Anxiety to Compassion: Relief from Anxiety with Reflexology and Lomilomi

Anxiety is pervasive and universal with our culture being described as a P.T.S.D one. Stroud based Reflexology and Lomilomi Massage at Aloha Therapies can support our capacity to release tension and drop into a calm and relaxed state to promote physical and emotional healing.

Reflexology has two primary points to alleviate anxiety the solar plexus and the adrenals and the whole treatment will supports this, especially working down the points that correlate with the spine and the diaphragm.

R.A.I.N: 4 Steps to a Healthy State of Mind and Body
RECOGNISE….the anxious state, not ‘my anxiety’ but just anxiety which we all experience, though it may manifest in different ways and to a different degree
ALLOW …..be present with the feelings and the fixed thoughts just for a while
INVESTIGATE…..ask yourself, ‘What’s this like in my body right now? How do I feel and sense this anxiety in my body’?
NURTURE….Breathe into the feelings of smallness, imperfection and grief bringing kind attention and asking, ‘What does this anxious part of me need right now?. Like the loving parent to the anxious child, call on your wiser self for compassion
Feel the shift from that tight fearful identity to a more expansive, calm accepting you…

Next Weeks Post: Buddhist Psychology: The Four Noble Truths: How they can Support Relief from the Anxious Self

Be empty of worrying
Think of who created thought
Why do you stay in prison
When the door’s so wide open
Move outside the tangle of fear thinking
Live in Silence
Flow down and down
In always widening rings of being…. RUMI